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Advanced Techniques

European No-Hole Card
In most US casinos, if the player doubles his bet or splits a pair against a dealer ten or ace,but subsequently loses to a online blackjack games, only the initial bet is lost. The extra bets for splitting or doubling go back to the player. With the European no-hole card rule, the house takes both bets. This rule is in force at most Microgaming sites. The basic strategy for this rule is simple; the player avoids putting more money on the table anytime there's a danger of a dealer natural 21. This means no doubles or splits against 10 or ace, other than splitting A,A vs. 10.

Starnet sites also have dealer-take-all, but only for a 10-up, so play against the ace as usual, and play against the l0s as above.

Dealer Hits Soft 17
The house universally stands on a hard 17. Some places make an exception if the 17 is composed of A,6 or any multi-card variation on soft 17, in which the ace could count as 1 or 11. The strategy changes are easy, but do not do much to reduce the significant disadvantage of this rule, which is -0.17 percent. The play changes for this rule are to surrender hard 17 vs. A, and hit A,7 vs. A.

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