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Advanced Techniques

Insurance Count
10s = -2, and all other cards = +1
Begin the count at -4. Anytime the total is zero, insurance has an EV of 0. Anything above 0 is a positive expectation, so you insure. For multi-deck, start the count at -4 per deck, e.g., -8 for two-deck, and insure on any plus count.

Online games have much worse composition of rules and penetration, so think carefully before expending EV on camouflage. If your play is scrutinized, a knowledgeable person can always tell if you are betting with an advantage, so caution should be thrown to the wind. Winning requires using the widest spread possible, and wonging out (exiting) of all negative counts. If you cannot do this, then the games is not beatable. Play to win until they stop taking your action. Limit your vulnerability to seizures by regularly cashing out modest amounts. Smaller withdrawals are also always less likely to draw attentional. Also limit vulnerability by not having concurrent deposits in sister casinos. Another idea is to intersperse online blackjack games with short sessions of other games. If wagers at the front and back of a session look innocent, casinos will not scroll to the middle where the damage is done. This is, of course, just speculation. It would take detailed knowledge of the reports a management program issues in order to know what information is not easily available.

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The beauty of online poker games is that on the surface it is a game of utter simplicity, yet beneath the surface it is profound, rich, and full of subtlety. Because online poker games basic rules are so simple, anyone can learn online poker games in a few minutes, and novice players may even think they're pretty good after a few hours. From the expert's point of view, the veneer of simplicity that deludes so many players into thinking they're good is the profitable side of the games beauty. It doesn't take long for pool players or golfers to realize they're outclassed and to demand that a match be handicapped, but losers in online poker games return to the table over and over again, donating their money and blaming their losses on bad luck, not bad play
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