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An Overview of Casino

Not only has where we play changed, and what we play changed, but who plays has also changed. Remember how back in 1958, the casino attracted men to the tables and a handful of women to the slots? Today men and women play in equal proportions, and casino population reflects the U. S. population as a whole. The Harrah's survey mentioned earlier found that of casino customers in 1995, 50 percent were men, 50 percent women; they had a median household income of $39,000 (U.S. average $31,000), a median age of 47 (U.S. average 46), and 50 percent had at least some college education (U.S. overall 49 percent).

The changes that occur in casinos aren't designed to attract some specialized clientele. They're designed to attract you and me and the woman next door and the guy down the street. If we want to play more slots, there'll be more slots; if we want to play Caribbean Stud, there'll be Caribbean Stud.

We probably can even look forward to the development of regional games. Gaming outside Nevada and New Jersey is so new that the starting point at nearly every operation is a mix of games that have worked in traditional gaming destinations. But who's to say that Mississippi won't develop into the Three Card online poker games capital of the world, or that Coloradoans won't go crazy for Spanish 21 or that Minnesota won't take to heart some games that we don't even know yet?

There's an exciting new world of gaming of out there, one that will make 2018 as different from 1998 as 1978 was from 1958. And we're just at the beginning.

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