Arbitrage opportunities are few and buried, but this is eased by the Internet. Dozens of websites from around the world can be examined, since most websites allow inspection of the lines without registering. Whatever the approach, the arbitrage bettor's need is to compare as many different lines as possible. A number of websites carry odds from several places at once, which can be inspected for free:

Searching the lines for arbitrage openings is no easy gig. One active participant reports that many weeks he puts down only a couple of bets. One bright spot is that arbitrage can be combined with bonus hustling. When you discover an attractive line, sign with the website and get the matchplays or free parlay or whatever. One place to get an introduction to arbitrage methods is Jack Moore's The Complete website of Sports Betting, Lyle Stuart Publishing (1996)

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How Good Players Set Good Limits
When this player, who was previously flinching at the thought of playing with quarters, is now asked what limits he wants for the game, he could easily say, "Let :s make it two-dollar big bets." That is going to result in a great little poker game, and this player has the attitude (if not the skill, yet) to get the best of it.

The critical threshold of value is different for every individual. For people with average middle-class finances, tight budgets, and typical disposable incomes, I believe that dollar bets is generally where real poker begins to be feasible. More financially liberated guys ]flight not start to think about what they're doing until they make $5, $10, or $20 bets. On the other end of the scale, college students who are working night shifts to pay for tuition might be able to play real poker with quarters. In any case, you will have difficulty maintaining a solid game and developing as a group until you advance a few multiples above these minimums.
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