In mid-1993, Governor Symington signed a compact with the state's tribes which allowed them to offer slot machines on their reservations, but after signing sixteen compacts he refused to sign any more. As the result of a state-wide referendum in November 1996, however, the governor has been forced to sign contracts with five additional tribes that want to open casinos.

The terms of the contract permit electronic machines, but no table games. All sixteen Arizona casinos (one tribe has two casinos) offer slots, video online poker games, and video keno. Some casinos also offer video versions of online blackjack games, craps, or roulette.

There are four casinos within a half-hour drive of Phoenix: Fort McDowell (800-THE FORT) in Fountain Hills; Gila River (800WIN GILA), which has two casinos in Chandler; and Harrah's Ak Chin (800 HARRAHS), which is in Maricopa. Tucson has two casinos located in the city: Casino of the Sun (800-344-9435) and Desert Diamond (520-294-7777).

For Arizona tourism information call (800) 842-8257. This number will allow you to leave your name and address to receive a package of information by mail. If you want to speak to someone, call the Arizona State Office of Tourism at (602) 230-7733.

How Good Players Set Good Limits
"Good hand" here does not mean a sure thing; it means hand that is strong enough to win money in the long run, but may lose from time to time. The question of how much one would be comfortable betting on such a hand not only will supply a better answer for the appropriate limits for a player, but more importantly, it is his first step in developing the mindset of a winner.

With this question in mind, the player is looking at the game in terms of selected opportunities, not random losses. He's thinking about how much he would want to invest in good hands, not how much lie will be forced to invest in bad hands. He now realizes that if he's got an advantage, the higher the limit, the better for him. Simultaneously, he realizes that if he's in a weak position, the size of the bets doesn't really matter, because he will fold. His outlook is now offensive instead of defensive, and active instead of passive. Because of the framing of this single question, the player asking it now understands more about poker than half of his home game opponents.
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