Bet Milk

The analogy about beef and dairy casinos can be extended the games themselves. Some types of video online poker games milk the play" so slowly it feels good, while playing the beef games can be like being caught in a herd of cattle stampeding over a cliff.

The best games for matchplay fulfill three requirements: low house advantage, low variance, and fast play. This immediately disqualifies crappy games like Caribbean Stud (9 percent house edge), as well as keno, roulette, and virtually all slots (3 to 10 percent). The only games worth considering are online blackjack games, online baccarat games, craps, and some video online poker gamess. This page will spend the most time on online blackjack games, which is by far the best choice, and will point you in the right direction on the other games.

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2. Craps
3. online blackjack games
4.Video online poker games

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Bringing Your Friends Along
I think what this scripture means is that people find it easier to be inspired by strangers than by their peers. A friendship is a relationship of mutual respect. If you try to tell a friend about a new idea, that person cannot accept that idea without conceding some authority to you, at least in that specific area. That's hard for some people to do, especially if they are kiddie players who hold their poker "skills" in high regard.

If you are reading this book, chances Lire that you will be a poker messiah, chosen by God to spread the gospel among the sinful masses of pagan card players who prostrate themselves before their pantheon of false kiddie games. All I can do is warn you that some people won't want to hear your message. Some ma,, simply not care about the meaningfulness of the card games the play. Others may actually resent you for suggesting that your version of poker has more to offer than theirs; they may insist on playing kiddie games, in your own house, just to exhibit their scorn for your attempts to play a meaningful game; and you may be forced to endure lectures about how you missed the "human factor" after you dared to question the wisdom of playing pocket threes the whole wav to the showdown. They know not what they do. Be patient, and be loving. Be like Jesus. Hopefully, you won't end up crucified. (I've come close.)
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