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Betting Records
E-casinos often say that a complete audit trail of every wager and result is available for the asking. Once the asking is done, however, they suddenly get busy and forgetful. Microgaming has initiated a new technology that makes play records easily accessible. It is called "Playcheck" and allows gamblers to retrace every card dealt.

This is a good idea; let's hope it spreads. Not only is it useful to see these records without having to badger the staff, it also suggests a degree of openness and accountability on the part of the e-casino.
How Good Players Set Good Limits
Hopefully, you have just won a convert in Brett. Once he is safely in the fold, however, how should the two of you decide on limits for your game? We have already shown that the limits of many home games are set too low for real poker to occur. When we trace this problem to its source and correct it, we will find better limits-and, in the process, we will gain insight into the mindset of a good poker player.

It is unfortunate that most Americans group poker together with gambling in general. We have been taught that gambling is a vice, and that if we engage in it, the proper mentality for handling our money is to consider it already lost. If you are addicted to slots or craps, this is good advice and is, in fact, mathematically incontrovertible. But in poker, as we have discussed, there is no mathematical barrier to being a net winner, and looking at your buy-in as money down the drain is just plain wrong.
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