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Boss has hired one of the big five auditors, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, to affirm that gross payouts match the mathematical odds.' Like Starnet and Microgammg, its graphics are lush.

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Kiddie Stakes: Why Don't They Play Nickel-Dime Poker in Vegas?
For most adults, probably not. I can't rule it out, because while I can say objectively that some poker rules are better than others are, I can pass no such judgment solely on the stakes that a group of players decides to play with. The values that players assign to a bet of a certain monetary amount are subjective and will depend greatly on the financial situation and risk tolerance of each individual. To that extent, a nickel poker game theoretically could work-for starving artists, full-time students, prisoners, or kids playing with lawn mowing money. But barring those special cases, I can safely say that there is no such thing as a real nickel poker game in America. Adults who sweat over nickels are just too hard to find in a country with a per capita annual income of $35,000.

On the other hand, you don't have to play 2cith Mortgage payments to have a real game. Fortunately for home poker, reasonable limits for a quality game aren't too far removed from the "nothing" threshold. This is simply because once the limit amount goes beyond what a given player sees as nothing, that amount must be valued at something, and at that point, actual poker is conceivable. We will cover how to establish limits in the next chapter.
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