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Casino Manager

The casino manager runs the casino. Every aspect of the operation is under his control in one way or another.

At one time, when casinos weren't owned by public corporations, but were rather free-wheeling affairs, the casino manager's power was awesome. In those days, which lasted into the 1960s, the people running the big hotel-casinos in Nevada didn't really care that much about hotel, restaurant, or entertainment operations except as they affected the casino. At that time, all these operations were heavy money losers, but it didn't really matter, because the casino raked in the cash and made so much money that the losses became insignificant.

Then the economy changed; inflation increased and executives who ran these hotel-casinos became aware of the mounting costs. Every aspect of the operation today is expected to pull its own weight, except for the entertainment section. It still is a big loss leader, because the few performers who can attract enough customers to fill the showrooms draw tremendous salaries and other fringe benefits.

Perhaps the biggest star of them all, in Vegas terms, was the late Elvis Presley, who was a bargain to the Las Vegas Hilton no matter how many hundreds of thousands of dollars a week they paid him. For two months of every year Elvis was king of Vegas, and his show filled the giant showroom of the Hilton for every performance.

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