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Casino Mind Ploys

Most players know that each casino games is designed with a theoretical mathematical edge that favors the house. Most people believe this is how casinos make their money. For example, a slot machine may be preprogrammed to pay out 90 percent-yielding a 10 percent gross profit for the house. Or, in roulette, the house maintains an edge of around 5 percent on every bet or combination of bets, which yields around $5 for the house on every $100 wagered.

Most casual players just accept this and play with the hope they'll get lucky and hit a jackpot or perhaps go on a rare extended win streak. They come to the casino prepared to risk their bankroll for the elusive big score. If they fail, they usually rationalize the loss by writing it off as the cost of entertainment.

What most players don't know is that the built-in house edge is not how casinos take in the majority of their money. Most of their take comes from the invisible "mind ploys" they routinely use oil players. The casino's ultimate goals are to get players to (1) stay longer than they should; (Z) bet more than they can afford to risk; (3) give back what money they do manage to win; and (4) generally play with poor control, little 'confidence, a lack of discipline, and no money management.

As mentioned previously, the built-in house edge for roulette is around 5 percent. Yet the casino's typical roulette take is well in excess of 20 percent! In online blackjack games (playing with basic strategy) the house edge is advertised at only around 1 percent or 2 percent. Yet the take here is also in excess of ZO percent.
How do they do it?

Selling Good Limits
The third tip for getting nickel-dime players into workable limits is to stick to fixed-limit games, at least initially. Fixed-limit protects players from being required to put too much of their money in play at one time. These are also fairly benign environments in which beginning players can work on poker basics. With the exception of perhaps a tournament, don't venture into pot-limit or no-limit games until everyone is very comfortable with fixed-limit. You can point out that fixed-limit poker, even at limits considered high for a kiddie game, turns out to he much safer than man\- kiddie progressive pot games such as "Guts" and "In Between." where players can be required to match a pot that has grown exponentially. We've all witnessed or at least heard stories of the nickeldime poker night that ended in a $1,000 Guts pot, followed a few days later by a trial separation.
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