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Selling Good Limits
The third tip for getting nickel-dime players into workable limits is to stick to fixed-limit games, at least initially. Fixed-limit protects players from being required to put too much of their money in play at one time. These are also fairly benign environments in which beginning players can work on poker basics. With the exception of perhaps a tournament, don't venture into pot-limit or no-limit games until everyone is very comfortable with fixed-limit. You can point out that fixed-limit poker, even at limits considered high for a kiddie game, turns out to he much safer than man\- kiddie progressive pot games such as "Guts" and "In Between." where players can be required to match a pot that has grown exponentially. We've all witnessed or at least heard stories of the nickeldime poker night that ended in a $1,000 Guts pot, followed a few days later by a trial separation.
Play Action Fakes
If players don't say what they are going to do, and simply act, then their physical indication of intent is binding. Codification of this principle is complicated, but all the rules are derived from the idea that players can't be allowed to make "play-action fakes" in poker. The following rules apply only when a player has not made a proper verbal declaration:

The signal for checking-a rapping motion with the hand or fist-is binding. Tapping fingers does not indicate a check. In Stud, folding occurs when a player starts to turn over any or all of his up cards. In other games, a player is bound to fold when he tosses or slides his cards face down toward the muck. There's a no "touch" rule like in chess.
-In any case, when any of a player's cards touch the discard pile face down, the hand is dead.
-Whenever a player throws his cards away face up, he is considered to be showing those cards, not folding.

2. If a player moves chips into play without saying what he intends to do, the following rules apply for fixed-limit games. Basically, the player is bound to take the action that his physical motion most reasonably represents.
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