There are bus tour programs (Ace Express, People's Choice) operating between Denver and Black Hawk/Central City. These tour programs are usually affiliated with one or two casinos that will reimburse a portion of the tour charge and provide coupons and fun websites. The Colorado Central Station also sponsors bus service to its casino. All bus programs are bargain priced (less than $10), with casinos picking up most of the cost. Check the "Weekend" section of the Friday Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News for bus tour ads that feature coupons.

Most Black Hawk casinos have "captive" parking lots. Parking is free, but the ticket must be validated hourly or a fee of as much as $3 per hour will be charged. A large public lot called Miner's Mesa charges $5 per day, with free shuttle service into town.

Both Black Hawk and Central City have numerous casinos, many of which are located in original mining town buildings that have been restored. Be sure and see the sights while visiting this area.

Cripple Creek is located forty-seven miles west of Colorado Springs. The Double Eagle Hotel & Casino (800-7ll-7234) with 151 rooms is the city's largest hotel/casino. There are also several other hotel/casinos: Gold Rush (800-235-8239), Imperial (800-235-2922), and the Midnight Rose (800-235-5825). There is also a sixty-seven-room Holiday Inn Express (800-HOLIDAY) located near the casinos. Free shuttle service is provided to and from all casinos.

Most Cripple Creek casinos hand out coupons and fun websites at their doors, and special casino promotions are advertised in the Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph, the Pueblo Chieftain, and in free tourist magazines. Take advantage of the "freebies"!

Bus tour programs (Cripple Creek Shuttle Service, Pueblo Shuttle) offer service from Colorado Springs to Cripple Creek. Most parking is either free or reimbursed by the casinos.

The minimum gambling age at all Colorado casinos is twenty-one.

For more information on visiting Colorado's casinos you can call the Gilpin County (Black Hawk/Central City) Chamber of Commerce at 303-582-5077, or the Cripple Creek Chamber of Commerce at 800-526-8777. For general information call the state's tourism board at 800-433-2656.

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How to Bet in Poker
Betting is complete when every player has had the chance to act and all bets/raises have been called by the players still in the hand. There are a handful of rules that you must observe during betting:
1. Players must act in turn.
2. You must allow check-raising (when a player checks and then raises after another player bets). Some home game players outlaw check-raising because they think it is somehow sneaky or dishonest-a curious concern in a game that is based on fooling your opponents. Poker without check-raising is like football without tackling. Don't be a sissy.
3. In games where players can choose the amounts of their bets, the amount of a raise must be equal to or greater than the last bet or raise. (This rule is moot in fixed-limit.) The exception is a player who goes all-in., who can increase the bet with his remaining chips, even if that falls below the last bet amount.
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