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Complaint Letters

Sometime after the fact, I learned that is a very notorious site. I encourage you to do a quick name search at Dejanews. A remarkable number of people have posted to the Usenet news groups complaining about the place. One person has even started an anti-Firstlive web site; I include a copy of a posting that contains the URL for this site.

The most telling detail is the way they refused to redeem any money even after charging a $20 refund fee. Due to the fact that Firstlive. com is so sleazy, I ask your assistance in crediting back to me a total of $90.

Thank you for you assistance. Sincerely,
Bill Haywood
After this letter, the credit card company sent me a form to sign pledging that the charges were unauthorized. I returned it and the debt was erased with no further effort.

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For the sake of education, IT briefly describe the alternatives to fixed-limit:
1. In spread-limit, players can place bets within a certain range of amounts. In Colorado, for example, the casinos offer a strange game called $2-$5 Texas Hold'em, in which players can bet anywhere between $2 and $5 in all the betting rounds. A home game with a specified maximum bet is essentially spread-limit.

2. In pot-limit, the maximum amount a player can bet or raise is the total amount already in the pot. Thus, the amount of money players bet at each other tends to grow geometrically as the hand progresses. The strategic implications of this make pot-limit a completely different game than fixed-limit. Civil pot-limit home games are possible and man}- groups

3. In no-limit, players can bet whatever they want within the confines of table .stakes. This is the most exciting and common format for tournaments, which are a great way to conclude a poker night (see chapter 14). True no-limit live home games are much less common, partly because of the large bankroll players must have to weather strings of losses. But no-limit games really aren't that bad if there are restrictions on buv-in amounts or if players are allowed to take winnings above a certain level out of play.
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