This is a Canadian company that uses a downloaded program, not Java. It was formerly known as Softnet Industries, Inc. They operate a traffic building portal at <>.

Publicly Traded?

Credit Card Processor
Carribean Digicash, possibly others

Identifying Marks
online blackjack games buttons are close together, allowing rapid play. In-troductory screen (after download) says "iCrystal" on the right side. After splits, one set of cards dims, indicating that you make a decision on the other.

Texas Hold'em
Players each receive two hole cards (face down), and five more are incrementally dealt face up to the center of the table. These face-up cards are community cards (shared by all players), and they are referred to as the board. Players make their best five-card hands by using any number of their hole cards in combination with any number of the board cards. Here's how the game goes:
- Before the deal, blinds are posted by the players to the dealer's left.
- Each player is dealt two hole cards.
- The deal is followed by a round of betting at the low amount, which begins to the left of the big blind. During this first round, blinds are given the option to raise when the action returns to them.
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