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Although dealers play an important role in casino operations and all players come in contact with them, their roles and functions will be discussed under the individual games.

Initial Deal
- If two or more face-up cards are discovered in the deck during the initial deal, the entire hand is re-dealt.
- It is incumbent on players to make sure their hand is being dealt properly. If a player receives an incorrect number of cards in the initial deal, he must announce it before two players have acted. If he does, the entire hand must be re-dealt. But if two or more players have already acted, then a hand that contains an invalid number of cards is dead, and the player is not entitled to recover any blinds or antes.

- Minor screw-ups in the deal may be corrected by moving dealt cards to their correct locations as long as no one has looked at their hole cards. Players technically have the right to demand a re-deal if there are any anomalies, but only the most superstitious will insist on wasting the time to replace random cards with other random cards. But if the deal is too far advanced to correct easily, then you must re-deal the whole hand.

- The following important rules cover cards that should be dealt in the hole but are erroneously exposed. This includes cards that are flashed or that depart the table regardless of whether or not they are seen.
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