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Which Casino to Play

If you have a choice of casinos, choose one with a greater number of tables and less crowded conditions. For online blackjack games, the more tables you can scout, the more chance you'll have to find a player-favorable games. The same goes for roulette-more tables equals a greater chance of finding a dealer signature or power sector. If you're playing craps, you want to find uncrowned tables so you can get more turns with the dice to practice your controlled throw.

If you live close to a casino location and play often, you should assess the conflations at your local casinos; find out which times are best to play within your own playing constraints

Seeding the Pot
What happens when a player who is supposed to post a blind on the next hand busts out or leaves the game? If the rotation continued normally, the big blind would skip the player who would have had to pay it on the next hand. This problem gives rise to elaborate codes of "missed blind" rules in casinos that rival Kantian metaphysics in vastness and impenetrability. The industry-wide consensus is tending toward the dead button procedure. (The name arises from the fact that in casino games with a house dealer, a plastic button marks the position of the player who is in the "dealer" position-i.e. last to act-for that hand.) Here's how it works: when a player who would have to post a blind is absent, the blind and dealer positions move for the next two hands as if the departed player were still there, thus preserving the integrity of the blind rotation. This can result in no small blind being posted, and will give the deal to an empty seat (hence "dead button"). When that happens, the player who is still in last position must shuffle and deal again; consider this his payment for the privilege of having last position for two hands in a row.
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