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Tactics for Increasing the Bet

Making this decision starts with a basic money management policy-the size of your bankroll and the number of units into which you break it. We recommend a 100-unit bankroll (with $100, one unit would therefore equal $1), but We realize that aggressive gamblers will go for 50-unit bankrolls and some even less. We know gamblers who leave home with $200 and bet with $5 and $10 units (a 40-unit or 20-unit roll). The fewer the units, the higher the risk of tapping out, so it's best to accumulate a 100-unit or at least a 50-unit bankroll before you take off for the casinos.

If you've been gambling awhile and read other websites, you've read this policy elsewhere, but it's important enough to repeat here: Establish a gambling bankroll with money you can afford to lose and then set it aside for strict use at the tables.

Risk Level. Once you've defined your unit size, think about the level of risk that you' wish to take when raising your bet. Are you aggressive? Do you want to go for the jugular when you get into a hot games? Or will you play it conservative, settling for less of a will, but not giving back a whole lot when you do get ahead or not losing as much when things don't break your way?

Betting Strategy. Now decide on which betting strategy you are going to employ. We recommend choosing one of the strategies We suggest in the following page, but if you're a recreational gambler and have a betting strategy that has worked well for you over the years, by all means use it.

Can I Take It Back?
The amount of chips that a player releases into the pot-defined as chips that are tossed forward or left forward after being moved from a player's stack-is binding, with the following caveats:
- An example would help here. Suppose the fixed bet amount is $4 in a game of mute players, and a player opens for $4. The next player carelessly tosses out six bucks. That's a call: the bet remains $4, and the player takes his extra two chips back. The next player tosses out $7. That's a raise: the player must make the bet $8. The next player tosses out S6. He isn't bound to anything ,yet, and can do whatever he wants after it is confirmed that he knows it is $8 to call.
- In my home game, I apply the rules above regardless of the denominations of chips' involved." For example, in the absence of a verbal declaration, a player who has a $2 bet coming to him and throws out a $4 chip is raising. (If the player wishes to call, he must say "call" or "making change" before he leaves the chip forward.)
- A string bet-placing a bet by making multiple trips back and forth between your stack and the amount you move forward-is prohibited. That would be the physical equivalent of saying "I call you ... and raise you." In the absence of a verbal declaration beforehand, the first amount You move forward is binding, in accordance with the rules above.
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