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When to Leave the Casino

If you have a choice of casinos, leave when the tables are crowded or when you have difficult<, finding a winning table in online blackjack games, a craps table where you can get the dice quickly, or a roulette table where power sectors are hitting. Go to a casino with better conditions.

If you're locked in to a one-casino location, be careful. If playing conditions are bad, keep your bet sizes small and respect your stop loss point. Keep in mind that every unit you save, every unit you don't lose, looks that much better, especially after a losing session because you've cut your losses short. Never give back a win when you're confronted by poor playing conditions. This is the time to go to the video online poker games machines and have some fun playing with quarters.

Fouled Deck
- If the deck is discovered to be faulty in any way during the initial deal, the cards go back and the entire hand is dealt.
- Once betting has begun, the wav to resolve problems varies. If the deck is determined to be corrupted while a hand is underway because of a flagrantly marked card or a duplicate card, the hand is immediately over, and the money in the pot is divided equally among the players with live hands. (The key concern is the immediate mitigation of cheating.)
- However, if a card is discovered to be missing from the deck, that card is shown to all players and play continues. (The key concern is to prevent a player from being able to escape a hand by "discovering" a card that he has tossed on the floor.)

- Invalid cards in a deck, like a joker, are considered not to exist; treat them as "scraps of paper" caught in the deck. Face-up cards in the deck get treated the same way. Players cannot accept such a card, even if it would have been dealt face-up anyway. It is dead the instant it appears and the next card in the deck replaces it. (The key concern is to prevent a player who has followed a face-up card in the shuffle from benefiting from it.)
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