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Terminate the Casino Session

There are three good reasons to terminate a gambling session:

You have reached the limit of your optimal session time. You need a break to keep your perspective and your control. In many years of working with my gambling students, we have found that optimal session time is around 90 minutes. Give it a try.

When you are just plain tired and this is affecting your judgment and play.

When you've incurred serious loss. For example, if you've lost your discipline and dropped a session bankroll at one table, don't dig for more money. Leave and take a break. Assess the situation

We call these eight decisions a winning paradigm. Taken together, they constitute a plan of action for your casino trip or session. We'll expand this winning paradigm to inculed 16 axioms of successful gambling.Follow these in conjuntion with the advantage method in this Site and join a very small but elite group-advantage players!

Maintaining the Integrity of the Deck, Deal, Hands, and Cards
Most of the preceding rules address the disposition of individual bets. But the following rules can determine the disposition of entire pots, making them the most important rules for you to have worked out in advance. Accidents happen during deals and the handling of cards, especially in home games, and they always have the potential to flare up into unpleasantness. But a misdeal doesn't have to be a big deal, and will almost never ruin a hand-if you have the rules for handling them in place before the event.
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