Delaware has three pari-mutuel facilities that offer slot machines: Delaware Park (302-994-2521) in Stanton; Dover Downs (800-441-7223) in Dover; and Midway Slots and Simulcast (800-88SLOTS) in Harrington.

Technically, the slot machines are video lottery terminals (VLTs) because they are operated in conjunction with the Delaware Lottery. Unlike VLTs in other states, however, Delaware's machines pay out in cash. The machines also play other games, including video online poker games, video keno, and video online blackjack games. The minimum age is twenty one at all tracks.

For more information call the state's tourism office at 800-441-8846.

Missed Blinds and Antes
Since blinds and antes are essentially payments for the privilege of receiving cards, players cannot be allowed to skip on those payments just because they happen to be away from the table when it is their turn to make them. In casinos, players must post make-up blinds when they return to a game. Because the games rotate at home, I find it much easier to levy those make-up payments in advance, just after the player leaves; with that accomplished, the player can rejoin the game at any time with no hassle.
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