There is a corollary to playing discipline, and that is paying attention to trends. I want to stress the importance of acknowledging the existence of trends in any games, in spite of some who discount the use of trends because of the difficulty of recognizing their exact form, and starting and ending times. I say, So what if they aren't exact! We can still use trends, even in their imperfect form, to our advantage.

No gaming method or system is precise enough to guarantee a win, but each gambling games is a statistical entity. And I've taken enough statistics and probabilities classes to know that any random statistical entity is subject to positive trends and to negative trends, or to positive groupings and to negative groupings.

The most pristine statistician who argues that each event is totally independent (and he's right) must surely recognize the existence of trends, and we real players know doggone well they exist. Paying attention to trends works. In the simplest terms:

Stop Playing When You Are In an Extended Losing Trend

Your loss limit or quit point as part of your basic plan will tell you when that particular session or dealer or machine is working in a losing trend. That's the time to take a break or do something else, but don't chase a losing trend. Remember, the word "due" should not exist in the gambler's vocabulary.

Exercising this discipline can be a real high in gambling. Think how good you feel by closing down your money clip, picking up your chips, cashing out, taking a break, then experiencing the exhilaration when you get back in a new games, a new machine, or a new casino. Try it ...you'll like it.

I have found that personal trends are every bit as important as machine or dealer trends. There are times when any games or any machine will produce a winner, but there are also times when no games or machine will win for you. Recognize a personal negative trend, and quit playing for a while. Recharge, and start again. If still negative, take a longer break, but don't chase a losing trend.

Winning is fun! Losing is not fun. Study the games you are going to play, set up your games plan, discipline your play, pay attention to trends, and you, too, can be a happy person getting on that plane at McCarren!

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Can I Take It Back?
The amount of chips that a player releases into the pot-defined as chips that are tossed forward or left forward after being moved from a player's stack-is binding, with the following caveats:
- When there is no current bet, a player who moves chips forward and entices a subsequent player to act is obligated to open.
- When there is a current bet:
1. Release of an amount that is short of a call by half a fixed bet amount or more is not binding. This rule is intended to protect a player who was planning to call a bet but was unaware of a raise.
2. Release of an amount within half a fixed bet amount of the current bet is enforced as a call.
3. Release of an amount that exceeds the current bet by more than half a fixed amount is enforced as a raise.
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