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Another tiny site is which offered a free trial magazine subscription. Clicking on the offer takes you to an entirely different site - that of the well-known Casino Player magazine - but there is nothing to indicate that Al1NetCasinos has any connection to Casino Player other than knowing their URL.

A sharp-eyed Casino Meister poster became suspicious of the recommendations at <www.betterbetting.com>. It gave a bad review of a large, well-established e-casino, and a good one for a little-known one called <www.crazyhorsecasino.com>-The skeptic used the domain registrant search at Network Solu-tions, <www.networksolutions.com>, and found that Better Betting and Crazy Horse had the same phone number and ad-dress m St. John, Antigua, a Carribean island full of gambling servers.' They must have had to share a party line, what with the primitive phone service and all. A more recent check found Crazy Horse still in the top-ten list at Better Betting and still with the same address and webmaster e-mail address, although some-body got a new phone.

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