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Effect Of Rule Variations

Note in particular the penalty for having multiple decks in play.' A single-deck games with poor rules is almost always better for the basic strategy player than a multi-deck games with liberal rules. Example:

Single-deck, double on 10/11 only: -0.25
Eight-deck, double on any two, surrender: -0.40
At websites that offer games with different numbers of decks, you should almost always play single-deck. Six- or eight-deck games that do not allow doubling any two cards after splits are criminal

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Can I Take It Back?
- If the stated action is invalid, such as when a player says "check" when there is a bet to him, the statement is not binding.
- If the player states an intention out of turn, he remains obligated to take that action unless the amount of the bet that comes to him is changed by a bet or raise from an earlier player.
- If a player says "I call you," then it's a call-regardless of whether he blathers on about raising. He only gets to choose one action at a time, and when he says "call," he has made his choice. Casino players love to clobber new bies with this rule.
- One perennial dispute is over the question of what constitutes a verbal declaration to fold. Only utterances that declare an action (e.g., "fold," "muck," "pass"), surrender the pot (e.g., "it's yours") or direct an opponent to take the pot (e.g., "take it") suffice as folds. A player who says something like "you win" or "you beat me" is not necessarily announcing that he is folding; he is just as often trying to save face before he calls and loses.
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