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Entering Data

Phone and E-mail: when there are problems, always start with e-mail, which is the quickest way to solve most issues. Be very leery of places that do not have an 800 number. At best, that's a statement that they are not committed to customer service. At worst, it's because they don't want to hear bellyaching from all the people they burn.

Note that the cycles at both www.sample.com and at www. sample2. com have been completed with all funds received. In the Bill Haywood method of accounting, these entries would be moved out of active accounts and into old accounts.

One bit of data that is not obviously important at the beginning of a career is the amount of action, but it becomes one of the most-used records. Obviously, it is important to know if qualifying play has been fulfilled, but it is even more important for interpreting interactions with the cashier's office. When problems come up, it is always a struggle to know if the house is on to you and giving a hassle on purpose, or is making honest mistakes. Knowing that your action was big enough allows confidence in dealing with the back office - you know your cover is intact. When imposing upon the staff for one reason or another, it is important to know if you can present yourself as a high roller who has been gambling for days, or if your position is weak because you haven't demonstrated that you are a compulsive sucker.

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Basic Concepts
Notwithstanding cheating, the cards that come off a properly shuffled deck are random for all your intents and purposes. No higher powers are going to influence them, and no sixth senses are going to tell you which ones will fall next. The only things we can know about a properly shuffled deck of cards are the chances of certain cards coming, and we know that from the mathematics of probability. Without an understanding of the probabilities at workin poker and ]low to bet on them, you will never be a competent player.

The cards held by your opponents can be betrayed by physical phenontena that occur outside of 'probability the but those phenomena can be analyzed with almost as much objectivity. If you ever allow yourself to believe that you have detected a "flow" in the cards; that you are "due" for a big hand; that you could sense what \,-our next card would be if you concentrated hard enough, like Mel Gibson's character in Maverick"; or any other variations of intuition, ESP, hunches, or fate that try to deny the inherent uncertainty of chance, you are succumbing to the ideas that define bad card players and, for that matter, primitive man.
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