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Ethical Online Gaming

the EOGA states that "The association merely exists to in-:%"
d protect consumers who are interested in at-home wagering."Although it says it is committed to the consumer side, its domain is owned by the industry side. Their domain, <www.eoga.org>, is registered to Global Interactive, a casino com-pany based in St.

Kitts in the Caribbean. Global Interactive is a significant sublicense of casino turnkey packages and has numerous Star net sites. In a quick check of its Classic Casino, an EOGA seal was present. At one time, membership in EOGA came automatically in turnkey packages sold by an outfit called I world Interactive. I world’s Show Hand portal currently hypes EOGA.

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Rules for Split Pot Games
Two of these points warrant further explanation. Outside of poker rooms, split pot games are sometime played with a declaration in which players must declare at the end of the hand whether they are going for the high or the low or both. While this is a valid way to play poker and introduces a new and fascinating arena for tactics, it likewise introduces opportunities for arguments and, alas, cheating. It is much easier and faster for players to simply show their cards at the end of the hand and split the pot between the highest and lowest qualifying hands. This is one case where you are following the standard casino rule mainly because it is the standard.
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