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Fidelity Trust Gaming

Fidelity Trust Gaming Association is a creature of Xirtrix Gaming Technol-ogies, a significant sublicenser of turnkey casinos. FTGA's website does not make this connection clear, but it is forthright in saying it is composed of "professional gaming operations," not consumers. At the beginning of 2000 FTGA listed six members, all connected to Xirtrix. Four of the domain names were registered to Xirtrix it-self, and the other two must be licensees, because they list Xirtrix's Robert Carver as web contact, and the Xirtrix name ap-"Pa'" in the Network Solutions `Whois' entry. They also use the irtrix gambling software (leased from <www. GamblingSoftware.com>). When you see FTGA's seal, assume it is xirtik, which isn't all bad.

Seven-Card Stud
The player with the best five-card hand wins.
Before the deal, the ante is paid. (Later on, we'll see how you can do this with a dealer ante instead of antes by every player.)
Each player is dealt two hole cards and one up card, which is called "third street," or the door card. The player with the lowest up card must place a bring-in bet; he cannot fold. In determining the low card, and only for that purpose, the rank of the suits from highest to lowest is ?,?,?,?.
3. The bring-in is set in advance. In home games, limitations of your chips usually force von to make the bring-in half a low bet. In a casino, the bring-in is usually less, closer to a player ante.
4. The bring-in player has his choice of betting just the bringin amount or a full low bet.
5. If it's just the bring-in amount, then the next player can either fold, call the bring-in, or complete it to a full low bet. Subsequent raises are in increments of the full low bet amount.
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