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Finding Safe E-casinos

The easiest way to pick a relatively reliable web casino is either by the software or by the rather short list of e-casinos at the back of the site. Today's good bonuses, however, may not be there tomorrow. The sites named in this site may get overused, and there are new software brands coming on the market that are worth checking out. Even some users of major software are problem casinos, although blatant theft of your de-posit does not seem to be their main goal. In view of this continuing need for fresh leads, it is a good idea for match play hustlers to be able to size up an unknown web casino for themselves. This page discusses outside services that provide information and referrals, and goes into doing your own investigations.

Mishandled Hands and Cards After the Deal
If a player drops a card and it touches the floor, or if anyone had a chance to see it, the card is considered "exposed" and the player must show the card to everyone.'~ Obviously, he is not entitled to a replacement, as he would be if the card were exposed during a deal.
The rule is a bit different if a player is being careless and he inadvertently tips his hand to another player. First of all, the player who saw the hand has an ethical obligation to say so, so that the other players are aware of his advantage. Saying "protect your hand" to the offending player loud enough for everyone to hear is sufficient for that purpose. The compromised hand remains live and the player doesn't have to show it to everyone, unless he folds, in which case every player is entitled to see it before it goes into the muck pile. In most cases, either the player who flashed his hand or the player who saw it will fold pretty quickly, which tends to reestablish equity. If the same player repeatedly fails to conceal his hand, then you must start treating it as an intentional exposure, which extends less protection to the guilty party.
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