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Floormen get downright nasty with some winners, and these winners mistake the rude individuals they are facing for bosses. But they don't have that exalted title. They have middle-level positions, get moderate pay for their work, and stand on their feet all day long in the midst of the noise and the smoke and all the rest of the activity that goes on in a casino. After a while it gets to them. They have essen boring jobs, and they get jaded and especially annoyed when they see a player win a fortune and walk out, while they have to hang around for another four or five hours on their feet.

These men take out their frustrations not only on the player but on the cocktail waitresses and dealers. But most of all on the players, whom they despise for the most part as idiots and suckers.

As a player, unfortunately, you're going to have to deal with them. Some are good human beings, particularly if they haven't been in the job for too long a time. After a while, the action and the gambling gets to them.

Handle them the right way, firm and in a disarming fashion Never cater to their whims or anger, especially if they are arbitrary and have no relation to the rules of the house, and never, never get into ego battles with them.

Above all, make them feel that they know all there is know about gambling, and you know the rest. In other words, make believe that you're just an innocent waiting to be plucked, although the opposite will be true after you read this Site. Your look of innocence will make them content and put them at ease, for few of these men can recognize the They've been in casinos too long.

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When Do You Have to Show Your Cards?
If a player bets and a11 his opponents fold, the pot is his, and he is not required to show anything to anyone. If the pot is contested, then there must be a showdown after the last card has been dealt and the last betting round is complete. The player whose bet/raise was called last (or the first player in the rotation if no bet was made) has to show his cards first. The showing of hands then rotates around the table, with players who can beat the preceding hand(s) showing their cards. Players who can't beat the best hand showing can show their cards if they want to; however, it is customary to allow players to throw in their hands face down if they have lost and don't want to reveal what they had.
Casino poker rooms, which have a vested financial interest in preventing cheating at their establishments, frequently allow any player who called to the end of a hand to see any other player's cards after the hand if he so desires. By doing so, that player can assure himself that he wasn't the target of some sort of collusion. This rule isn't necessary in a social home game, however, where the chances of outright cheating are small. It is more gentlemanly to allow players to keep their beaten hands secret if they prefer.
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