Georgia has gambling ships that depart from coastal cities and sail three miles out into international waters where casino gambling is permitted.

Two of them are: Atlantic Star Cruise Lines (912-786-7827), Tybee Island, twenty miles east of Savannah, and Golden Isles Cruise line (800-842-Oll5), which sails out of Brunswick.

Should You Check/Call or Bet/Raise?
Until now, this chapter has had a defensive perspective. The decision to call or fold based on your pot odds is a reaction to bets made by other players. But how did those players decide to bet or raise, and how do you know when you should increase the bet? When should you be driver of a hand instead of a passenger? Is it only when you think you have the best hand? Or when you are worried about opponents outdrawing you? Or is it possible for you to have a draw that is so strong that you should build the pot?
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