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Good Housekeeping Seals

Honesty is the biggest issue in online gambling. Players want to avoid scams, and the industry wants to break through consumer distrust. A number of solutions are developing, some from the players' point of view, a lot more from the industry's. One is what we just looked at: the providing of a list of URLs for consumers to consult. Another is to display on the website some sort of certifications from a purportedly independent third party. These seals are generally not a bad sign, but some but some are more worthy than others. There are industry seals and there are consumer seals (I'll refrain from creating another animal metaphor.) Most certifica-tions are paid for by the e-casinos, others by consumers. Guess which one is better.

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Calling on the Last Card
The odds calculation is very straightforward when there is only one card left to come. The odds of making your hand are simply the ratio of the number of outs to the number of non-outs in the deck. And since you will probably fold if you miss on the last card, you don't have to project into the future' to search for additional costs beyond the current round. In most cases, your decision will be based on your effective pot odds, but if you are in late position and drawing to a big hand, you should try to figure out what your implied pot odds are.
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