Nothing is won, but little or nothing is lost either, so the bonus can be earned with no risk. Wagering pass and don't pass at craps has a similar result, and at roulette, betting on both the red and the black simultaneously. You will lose money when you hedge, but you will lose at a very slow and steady pace, with virtually no risk of losing (or winning) any great amount. The problem with hedging is that casino bosses know it in a glance. You can get away with it at small stakes, but anything worth your time involves larger deposits, which always receive more scrutiny. It is a slow-witted e-casino who is not up on this. A number of web sites even specify in their rules that hedged bets do not count towards bonuses. Golden Palace has gone so far as to exempt craps and roulette from bonus qualification. People who hedge their bets are constantly getting frozen out by the casinos - ask Nemo (see Trading Referrals). Even worse is that these counterfeit wagers result in genuine blacklisting. Do not risk your Internet gambling career for nickels and dimes.

Should You Call or Fold?
We'll start by looking at drawing hands, in which your fundamental decision is whether to stay in the hand or fold. In the examples that follow, I will calculate J winning odds from scratch, which makes them appear more complicated than they really are. Once again, you usually won't have to do that at the table because you will know the odds in advance based on the game you are playing and the situation you are in. I will cover those situations and the corresponding odds in the chapters on specific games.
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