The software for this company is fast disappearing, since it *8s put out of action by federal authorities. Even its corporate website has vanished. Grand Dominican is one casino that still Used it at the beginning of 2000. This software brand is not recom-Olended - it is described here so you can avoid it.
publicly Traded?
Credit Card Processor

Incriminating Marks
The name Handa-Lopez may show up in the file license.txt. The program is downloaded and installed to disk. Note the distinc-tive lobby (see above).
Complete Software List
Many other software brands that I have no experience with are included in the Appendix so people can check them out.

Basic Strategic Relationships
Now that we have a basic understanding of odds, we can explore the ways that they can help us decide how to play poker hands. Two types of decisions constitute the bulk of our poker play. First, when we have a hand that is currently weak but have a draw to a strong one, we must decide whether to call a bet that comes to its to stay in the hand. When we have a hand that is strong already and under certain circumstances, when we have a very strong draw-we know we are going to stay in the hand, but we have to decide how to stay in: checking, calling, betting, and raising can all be options. Both of these decisions are based on our odds of winning and the payoff odds that we get from our bets, but the ways that you frame those odds can vary depending on the situation.
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