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Obtain Credit

.Some casinos will advance cash on a major credit card, as Visa or Master Charge, but this is not a standard po: for casinos are very wary about credit cards in the first p since a great number of them are floating around, and of these are stolen or sold cards. The casino, in adv cash, will attempt to protect itself by verifying that the legitimate. This is done by calling a central number that firm's cards, but even when this is done, the casino taking a chance, since a stolen card may not have been ported. Therefore, when trying to obtain cash by the use credit card, you should be aware that only a rather amount will be advanced-generally no more than $100 $200.

Cashing personal checks is a tricky business for out towners. Many people show up at a casino and expect personal checks to be honored, but very few casinos will commodate them. Some will allow a $50, $100, and, in instances, a $200 check to be cashed upon presentation driver's license and a credit card. However, the casinos getting stricter about their check-cashing because they've burned too many times. Many people, after losing money' a casino, feel that the debt is not legitimate and stop checks or refuse to issue payment on them.

Therefore, don't expect to get any serious gambling m just by coming to a casino and signing a check. In many you won't get any money at all.

The most common, and the easiest way to get cash at casino cage is to present traveler's checks plus identification, such as a valid driver's license. Many will first check identification and then through a central ber call the company issuing the traveler's checks to verify that the checks are valid and haven't been reported lost or stolen. Only then will they cash them.
Some casinos are stricter than others in this regard. I've cashed a slew of $100 traveler's checks at a casino by just signing my name and shoving them across the counter. In another casino I tried to cash two $20 traveler's checks and had to show my driver's license.

When going to a resort gambling city, always carry proper identification if you want to establish credit or cash personal or traveler's checks. By proper identification, I mean, best of all, a driver's license. That's the first thing they ask for. If you don't drive, some states will issue an II) for check-cashing purposes. Get one of those. If you also have major credit cards, bring them along.

But if you haven't established credit and want to do some serious gambling, bring traveler's checks or cash. Don't expect instant credit for big money, and you won't be disappointed.

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Illustration of Pot Odds
Q: Now let's look at a few scenarios and calculate some actual pot odds. In the process, we'll see how those odds are affected by your decision to check, bet, call, raise, or fold.
Suppose you are playing $2-54 Texas Ilold'em. Before the flop, there are five players in the hand, with 810 in the pot. After the flop, the first player to act checks. Now its your turn. What are your pot odds if you check also?
A: The amount in the pot is $10 (five callers have each thrown in $2 before the flop), and the remount you are required to bet is zero. Your pot odds are thus 10:0, or 10/0, which is infinity.
it's hard to get better pot odds than infinity. I start with this example to illustrate what the mathematical implications of checking we and why you should never fold when a bet is checked to you. If you can check, you are able to stay in the hand while risking nothing, which is a no-lose proposition. On the flip side, however, your check gives your opponents the same no-lose proposition for sticking around-if they have more to gain by seeing another card than you do, a check is usually a mistake.
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