Illinois was the second state to legalize riverboat casinos. There are ten licenses for the entire state, but each licensee is allowed to operate up to two boats. Casinos open when boarding begins, and remain open after docking until everyone disembarks, allowing a maximum gambling time of three hours per cruise. If bad weather disallows cruising, dockside gaming sessions are held and the same admission charges (if any) apply.

All Illinois riverboats offer a variety of table games as well as electronic machines, and the minimum gambling age is twenty-one. For more information contact the state's bureau of tourism at 800-223-0121.

Hand Strengths
we can learn some important concepts in basic strategy by examining the strengths of various hands of a purely statistical basis. For the purpose of this illustration, let's imagine ~that we are playing five-card straight poker. That is, each player is dealt five cards, the players bet, and there is a showdown. Now refer to table 6.1.
So what does all this tabular data tell us? It is a matter of common sense that the fewer the number of opponents, the greater the chance that your hand will be best, which means that forcing opponents to fold always has a beneficial effect on \,-our odds of syinning. However, the degree to which fewer opponents helps you depends greatly on the strength of the hand you hold.
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