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Interactive Gaming Council

Nonetheless, IGC membership is a good sign. It indicates that an e-casino is accepted by the mainstream of the industry, is forward-looking, and wants to distance itself from the worst abuses. At a minimum, the $5,000 membership fee weeds out Omplete mountebanks. The importance of IGC imprimatur is not that it guarantees good treatment (it doesn't), but as their membership becomes more widespread, the lack of the seal will be a real red flag.

There is also a competing industry group, the IIGA, the ornational Internet Gaming Association at>. It is less active than the IGC but has organized some conferences. It is run by a professional manager of professional organizations, Membership Management Services, Inc.

Industry seals will protect punters from the worst fly-by-night rip-off operations, but they may be less help against the more common problems of delayed payments, dissembling operators, botched transactions, and withheld bonuses. Of course, any web casino that steals money will also be willing to commandeer a stamp of approval, so the player needs to actually click on the seal and make sure it takes them to the real authority.

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