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Interactive Gaming Council

The IGC may well turn out to be the most important and widespread seal of approval. The IGC is the principal Internet gambling industry group, engaged in lobbying, public relations, and promoting regulatory codes. (Note that the initials IGC are the same as for the In teractive Gaming Commission.) The industry IGC is the central committee of the dairy casinos, the organization most involved it, promoting the reputation and growth of electronic gambling. At press time the official seal of approval was not in circulation, but the membership logo was and is often on display.

The IGC Code of Conduct includes the necessary provision for openness to "inspection and review by any legitimate gaming.. . authority or to any independent testing authority recognize by the IGC." The Code does not specifically require members to have government licenses, but they are expected to have them if they reside in a countries with regulation. Members are also expected to participate in non-binding mediation of consumer complaints, and the IGC website has a form to initiate the same. IGC mediators will not intervene on the behalf of players at non-member sites, but they can be helpful in sorting out mistakes and misunderstandings with those that do belong.

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Basic Concepts
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