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Interactive Gaming Council

The IGC's purpose is to protect the reputation of the industry, and only secondarily to protect the player. It does not publicize results of complaint mediations, and the organization is not known to have ever alerted the public about a non-payer.

The IGC has also chosen not to clarify a situation involving one of its former members. Turnkey licensor Intersphere Communications was criticized after many bettors went unpaid in the wake of the sale of its sports website. The IGC itself took heat for having Intersphere within its midst, and the company is no longer listed as a member.' So is Intersphere a menace that we should be warned about, or a reputable victim of inaccurate charges? The IGC has not said. When asked why Intersphere left the organization, Mark Stone, secretary of the IGC, wrote "based on the records available to me there have not been any actions of any kind taken by the IGC against Intersphere. Intersphere's non-membership has simply been based on non-renewal."' There is of course a world of difference between dismissing a member in a formal action that shows up in the minutes, and a mutual recognition that the association is over. Reporter Mark Balestra, who did a story on the controversy, told the author, "We believe they were forced out," but provided no further details. Balestra works for the River City Group, a gambling consulting company whose CEO, Sue Schneider, is chair of the IGC.S Whether Intersphere was informally frozen out, or simply lost interest in the IGC, is less of an issue. What's important is that the poor player is getting no guidance on the reliability of Intersphere.

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Expected Value in Poker Terms
What makes this expectation calculation easy is the way we express these odds. If we think of our pot odds in the form x: 1 and our winning odds in the form 1: y-both of which happen naturally-then we have a positive expectation whenever x is larger than y. In many real-world situations, deciding whether to call or fold really is as easy as comparing pot odds to winning odds,
So how do you calculate your pot odds and winning odds? We'll cover these topics in detail shortly, but here's a preview. Figuring pot odds is relatively easy: It's just the amount of money you stand to win compared to the amount of your bet. For example, if there is $10 in the pot and you have to call a $2 bet to stay in, your pot odds are 10:2, which reduces to 5: l.
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