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Well, the Cayman Sportswebsite and Two-For-One Sportswebsite are at it again. They have set up a sister site known as the Fiji Sportswebsite and once again are offering two-for-one on your initial deposit. These are the same individuals who have taken thousands of dollars from unsuspecting gamblers and never returned a penny. Their Western Union Pick-Up names are Howard Brown, Steven Jackson and Arthur Brown. My advice: DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE SITES OR INDIVID-UALS.

This Clearwater, Florida, commission also offers news re-ports, dispute resolution, and solid information about odds and other gambling issues. Members even get an e-mail address. If the Internet Gaming Commission is what it says it is, then it is a good opportunity that will become what the players make of it. This is my pitch for people to join.

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Expected value = (Chance of Winning x Amount of Win) - Cost of Playing
That last step didn't appear to accomplish anything, but it will actnally allow us to greatly simplify the equation. In this expected value calculation, either we will win or we will lose; there's no third outcome. Thus, the chance of winning plus the chance of losing has to add up to 100 percent, or l. It follows that (1 - W) has to be equal to the chance of losing, which we will call L. Let's substitute that into our equation:
This formula for expected value works for any simple proposition, including a poker bet, car insurance, and extended warranties, in which we pay a certain amount and have a certain chance of getting something back in return. We can easily modify this expression for our purposes here by substituting poker terminology where appropriate. The expected value and chance of winning terms can remain. The cost of playing is the amount of the bet that we make.
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