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Internet Tracing

A good thing to know is if a cyber-casino has a large presence on the Internet. Presumably, long-established and widely advertised sites are more likely to be dairy than are new and unknown sites. The search function at <www.altavista.com> can provide a list of websites that have inbound links to your target; that is, places with banner ads that will click through to your casino.

Many of these tracing functions are all combined in a handy package called the Casino Spy <www.casinowire.com>. Accessible from the site are inbound links, news media name searches, Usenet news group searches, membership checks at the Interactive Gaming Council, and whether or not an e-casino has a license in Antigua-Barbuda. Also, publicly traded Internet gambling companies are listed at <www.streetdice.com>.

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Basic Concepts
The next few chapters are about those principles. Mastering basic strategy won't make you a good card player by itself, but you can't be a good card player without it.
While mathematics enables us to identify the fundamental strategic principles that we can use to make sound decisions at a poker table, playing good poker doesn't entail perfornaivg continuous mental arithmetic. If you are a right-brained person or just don't have a strong affinity for math, don't be discouraged by the numbers, expressions, and algebraic derivations you see scattered
throughout this part of the book. Their purpose is only to show you where basic poker strategy comes from.
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