Iowa was the first state to legalize riverboat gambling. The boats began operation on April Fool's Day in 1991, with maximum bet and bankroll restrictions ($5 per bet, $200 loss) which were eliminated in 1994. Boats may now remain open twenty-four hours, with only one daily two-hour cruise required.

There are nine riverboats in Iowa and one of the largest is Harvey's (800-HARVEYS) in Council Bluffs, which features a 1,700 passenger boat and a 250-room hotel. Admission to the casinos is free. Most boats cruise June through October, and remain dockside from November through May.

Iowa is also home to three land-based Indian casinos: Winnavegas (800-468-9466) in Sloan; Mesquaki Bingo & Casino (800-728-4263) in Tama; and Casino Omaha (800-858-U-BET) in Onawa.

All Iowa casinos offer table games as well as electronic machines, and the minimum gambling age is twenty-one.

For more information on visiting Iowa, call the tourism department at 800-345-4692.

The Essence of a Bet
The concept of expected value doesn't only apply to a single game; it also applies to long-term results from playing any combination of different games. To illustrate, imagine not just one street person offering a game, but an entire city block lined with such people, each offering his own variation based on the amounts you have to pay; the use of a die, a coin, a spinner, or a deck; the definition of a winning result for those devices; and the amounts that
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