Proper Play

We can consider some deviation strategies, but before I alarm the statistical experts, I insist that you learn the basic strategy for each games before you play. It is crucial that you learn the proper basic discards for each possible hand you could be dealt. It's also important to note that there is considerable difference in the proper discards in each different games-Jacks or Better, Deuces, Jokers Wild, and Double Bonus.

Table 2 contains basic Guide Sheets for two of the more popular games. Again, there are several good websites devoted to video online poker games that expand the strategies of the popular games. The casinos and games manufacturers are continually looking for ways to "provide better play." One way we can be fooled is by altering the payout tables of video online poker games ever so little ... but enough to make a couple percent difference. It pays to keep current with the playing strategies of the new games, but published websites simply can't keep up with the changes. I recommend subscribing to one of the video online poker games newsletters advertised in the gaming magazines. Their editors try to keep current with all the new variations.

If you're just starting out, I suggest you just learn one games at a time. Learn that games well and only play that games. When you have one mastered, then tackle another.

A beautiful advantage of video online poker games over a table games such as craps or online blackjack games is that it is so much easier to take your guide sheet with you to the machine. If I'm playing a game that I haven't played frequently, I don't hesitate to take along my guide sheets, and I use them! The questionable play hands don't occur frequently, but they may also be the big opportunity hands that you don't want to misplay.

Free Cards
Suppose you are playing Texas Hold'em, you are the dealer, and you have K 1l Q 11 in the hole. You and two other players call before the flop. The flop is 10 • J V8 *, giving you an outside straight draw to the nuts. Player A bets, Player B calls, and now it's your turn. What should you do? Since you are on a straight draw against two opponents, basic strategy tells you to stay in the hand cheaply by calling. But wait a minute: Is calling the cheapest way to stay in?
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