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Long-term Versus Short

So why not ignore the tenets of long-term strategy, make decisions on the basis of inspiration and intuition, and rely on good luck to make you a winner? If you've spent any time in a casino, I'm sure that you have seen many players who gamble this way. Can you also play this way and come out ahead in the long run? In my opinion, and in the opinion of the experts, the answer is NO!

The experts base their advice once again on computer analysis. For instance, many online blackjack games players will not draw to a 16 when the dealer has a 7 or higher as his exposed card because they think they will bust the hand, and hope that the dealer instead will draw a bust card. The fact of the matter is that the experts have proven that this player hand is generally a loser, but that the player will lose less in the long run by hitting the 16. Similar analyses have been conducted for all sorts of decision-making situations in all types of casino gaming, and the experts' findings indisputably prove that the player who is in the games for the long run will be a long run loser if he fails to maximize his win potential by following the recommended strategies.

From a psychological standpoint, I'm much more comfortable playing according to the recommendations made by the experts. As a former schoolteacher, I believe in education and trust the opinions of informed teachers much more than I trust my instincts or intuition, and I quit relying on luck a long time ago!

I also find that it's much easier to play casino games if decision-making is predetermined and ingrained in my mind. Play becomes almost automatic, and allows me time to enjoy the entire casino experience without devoting all of my mental and emotional efforts to play-by-play decision making.

Simply stated, the smart casino gambler must follow the recommendations of established experts if he or she wishes to be a long-term potential winner. In spite of the weaknesses of the recommended strategies, they are still the best bet in the house. No matter how many hands you play, you only have two choices-either play perfectly, or play poorly. The totality of your play will be fairly close to the expert's projections, even if individual results of play deviate from the expected outcome.

Let Uncle Harry, and George, your best friend, and Mary, your husband's niece, be the ones to gamble by the seat of their pants, and you be the one who leaves the casino with a profit!

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