Louisiana, the fourth state to approve riverboat gambling (1991), allows a maximum of fifteen boats. In 1992 a provision was added for one land-based casino in New Orleans. That casino opened but declared bankruptcy in late 1995. Negotiations are underway to reopen this casino.

All boats are required to cruise, except those located along the Red River which are exempt because those waters were deemed too dangerous to continually navigate. Most cruises are free, and gamblers can begin play before leaving port.

As of mid-1998 there were thirteen riverboats in operation in eleven different locations. There are three casinos in the New Orleans area: Bally's Belle of Orleans (800-57-BALLY), Boomtown (800-366-77ll) in Harvey, and Treasure Chest (800-298-07ll) in Kenner.

Table games and electronic machines are offered on all boats, and the minimum gambling age is twenty-one. For more information call the tourism department at 800-633-6970.

Semi-bluffing is an important tactic that is at the heart of aggressive poker. Most beginning players build their games by learning to play tightly first and, then, adding aggressive plays into their repertoire. Semi-bluffing is one of those plays. It is particularly effective against tight but unsophisticated opponents.
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