Prince George's County allows twenty-one casinos to be operated solely for the benefit of charitable organizations, most of which operate in fire stations. Casino personnel must be volunteers, hours and days of operation are restricted, no slots or dice games are allowed, and a maximum bet of $500 with a maximum layout of $1,000 is permitted. Call the state's tourism department at 800-543-1036.

David Sklansky presents a fascinating argument for bluffing strategy that is based on game theory. Briefly stated, Sklansky demonstrates that it is possible to devise a strategy for bluffs, executed randomly with a frequency based on your opponent's pot odds, that is impossible for your opponent to overcome with any strategy of his ovm.31 Again, such a strategy would be extremely difficult to implement. However, Sklansky's real point is that your poker play cannot be theoretically optimal unless you incorporate bluffing in your game to some extent. Bluffing too often will cost you money. But if you never bluff, you will forsake a genuine means of obtaining net profits. It is instructive to turn the argument around and think of it this way: It is impossible to completely defend yourself against an opponent who is implementing proper bluffing strategy; if he bluffs optimally, you will lose money to him even if you defend yourself optimally. Therefore, the only way to compensate for the money your opponents win from you by bluffing is for you to bluff them. So how can you accomplish this?
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