There are fourteen Indian casinos in Michigan, the largest of which is Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort (888-7-Eagle-7) in Mount Pleasant, followed by Kewadin Casino, Sault Ste. Marie (800KEWADIN).

There is also a very large casino near Detroit. It's Casino Windsor (800-991-7777) in Ontario, Canada, just across the river from downtown Detroit. The casino opened May 17,1994, and a riverboat called the Northern Belle Casino was later added to accommodate the overflow crowds. All winnings are paid in Canadian currency, and the minimum gambling age is nineteen. Both casinos offer table games (except dice, which is prohibited by law) and electronic machines.

In November 1996, Michigan voters gave the thumbs up for up to three casinos in Detroit, the first of which is expected to be in operation by mid-1999.

For more information on visiting Michigan, call 800-543-2937.

The Key to Basic Strategy: How Winning Odds and Payoff Odds Relate to Each Other
We began this part of the book by establishing that you Win at poker by making bets that have positive expectations, and we know that expectation is a function of your odds of winning and your payoff odds, in the form of either pot odds or betting odds. Then, we studied the effects of various actions on those odds individually. Now let's examine how your actions affect those odds simultaneously.

Because of the existence of these two general types of hands, a hand of poker played by a group of competent players usually takes on a natural flow: The first round of betting will be characterized by raising and re-raising, as players with strong starting hands attempt to force out players with weaker hands, but who may have the beginnings of good draws. For the remainder of the hand, the table will check to the most aggressively raising player, who represents his strong hand by betting. The remaining players, figuring they need to improve to win, will fold or-if they have a positive expectation-call. A player improves may raise and become the new bettor. Of course, there can be all kinds of deception and tactical maneuvering going on here, but the tension between heads-up hands and multi-way hands results in a current, so to speak, that pulls a]1 the players along.
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