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Microgaming is one of the most solid companies on the market. Its software is good looking and reliable, and the technical support staff exudes competence. This South African company has its games tested for randomness by Price Waterhouse Coopers. a respected, independent auditor. Microgaming has also set up all interesting player-based auditing system; read about it at <>. Microgammg and Starnet are the most widely used turnkey packages in the world. All Microgaming online blackjack games I have seen is single-deck, and most have what's called the "European no-hole card" rule. This requires a slight adjustment in basic strategy; consult Chapter 11.
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Many websites mention up front that they use Microgaming, so that is easy enough. If not, after downloading and installing the program, use a file manager like Windows Explorer to locate the file "casino.exe." Right-click on it and go down to properties. Pick the "Version" tab, and you should see the words: MicroGaming Systems. You can also consult the picture at left of their online blackjack games layout. A variation in button placement from a different e-casino is included. Note that the up and down arrows for changing bets are consistent on both variations.

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The beauty of online poker games is that on the surface it is a game of utter simplicity, yet beneath the surface it is profound, rich, and full of subtlety. Because online poker games basic rules are so simple, anyone can learn online poker games in a few minutes, and novice players may even think they're pretty good after a few hours. From the expert's point of view, the veneer of simplicity that deludes so many players into thinking they're good is the profitable side of the online poker gamess beauty. It doesn't take long for pool players or golfers to realize they're outclassed and to demand that a match be handicapped, but losers in online poker games return to the table over and over again, donating their money and blaming their losses on bad luck, not bad play.
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