There are sixteen Minnesota casinos located on Indian reservations.

They are either operated by the tribes themselves or by management companies. Under a compact with the state the only table games permitted is online blackjack games, and the only types of slot machines allowed are the electronic video variety.

Casinos vary in size from the intimate Lake of the Woods (800-568-6649) in Warroad, with its eight online blackjack games tables, to the massive Mystic Lake complex (800-262-7799) in Prior Lake, with its two casinos and 128 online blackjack games tables.

For more information on visiting Minnesota, call 800-657-3700.

Be Careful
Of course, it is possible for more than one player to be justified in betting for value at the same time. What if Doug was drunk and called with absolutely nothing? In that case, both you and Dan (barely-it's right on the borderline) would be able to bet and raise for value. The two of you would basically be splitting Doug's money with you taking each of Doug's calls two thirds of the time and Dan taking them the other one third of the time. The availability of money from a player who will call and lose makes it profitable for both you and Dan to bet and raise.
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