Mississippi was the third state to legalize riverboat gambling when it was approved by the state legislature in 1990. The law restricts casinos to coastal waters along the Mississippi River and in navigable waters of counties that border the river. The law also requires that boats be permanently moored at the dock, and they are not allowed to cruise, thus permitting twenty-four-hour dockside gambling. The law doesn't require that the floating vessels look like boats, so almost all of the casinos are built on barges.

There is no limit to the number of casinos that can be built, and as of September 1996 there were twenty-nine casinos in operation more than any other state except Nevada.

There is also one land-based Indian casino: Silver Star Hotel & Casino (800-557-07ll) in Philadelphia.

In southern Mississippi the major gaming area is Biloxi, which is about eighty miles east of New Orleans and is home to eight casinos. Two of the largest are: Grand Casino (800-WIN-2-WIN) and Casino Magic (800-5-MAGIC-5).

In northern Mississippi the action is in Robinsonville, which is about thirty miles south of Memphis and is home to ten casinos. The largest is Grand Casino Tunica (800-946-4946), which is also the largest dockside casino in the world.

All casinos are open twenty-four hours and offer a full variety of table games and electronic machines. The minimum gambling age is twenty-one.

For information on Biloxi call 800-237-9493, and for information on Robinsonville call 800-541-3823

How Can it be Correct for Every Player in a Hand to Bet and Raise?
Be careful. Each of the drawing players has 1:2 odds of making a hand, but the odds of their hands winning are much less. For example, Dan could make his straight and still lose

when Doug hits a higher straight or a flush. When you subtract all those chances of hitting and still losing, the winning odds of the drawing players are insufficient to bet for value with 2:1 betting odds.
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