In 1992 Missouri voters approved a statewide referendum to allow riverboat casinos. There is no limit on the number of licenses that may be issued by the state's gaming commission, and the law also permits dockside gambling in some locations.

All of the boats on the Missouri River offer dockside gambling. Although originally required to cruise, these boats were later ordered to remain dockside for the safety of the passengers.

As of mid-1998 there were eleven casinos in operation.

All boats are limited to two-hour gaming sessions, and you must be on board within forty-five minutes of the scheduled starting time of each session. If an admission fee is charged, you are allowed to remain onboard between sessions, and are allowed to leave at any time the boat is at dockside.

There is a $500 loss-limit on all sessions, which is enforced by issuing vouchers (usually in denominations of $20 and $100) to each passenger as they board. In order to get gaming chips, you must exchange your cash along with an equal amount of vouchers. If you use all $500 of your vouchers, you can't gamble anymore during that session. The sharing of vouchers is prohibited by law, even between spouses! There is no limit on winnings.

Two of the first casinos to open in the Saint Louis area were The President (800-77-ADMIRAL) and Station City Casino St. Charles (800-325-7777).

In the Kansas City area the first ones open were Sam's Town (800-988-07ll), Harrah's (800-HARRAHS), Argosy (800-270-77ll), and Flamingo (800-946-8711).

All casinos offer a full variety of table games and machines, and the minimum gambling age is twenty-one.

For more information on visiting Missouri call 800-877-1234.

The Key to Basic Strategy: How Winning Odds and Payoff Odds Relate to Each Other
When you have heads-up hands, your basic strategy is to force out as many opponents as possible by making it too expensive for your opponents to stay in. When you have multi-way hands, your basic strategy is to keep in as many opponents as possible. You will usually do this by staying in the hand by checking and calling, although the combination of a good draw and a large field of opponents can give you enough value to build the pot.
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