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Multiple Accounts

There are certain things computers are good at, such as finding identical addresses in a huge database. Opening numerous accounts at the same web casinos plays right into the strength of cyber-games protection. It is trivially easy to identify dual accounts in the same house, zip code, or even I SP. Credit cards with two authorized users, both of whom are signed up, are also easy to spot. Keep in mind that winnings will only be sent to the address the credit bank has on file. The only way to hit the same place several times would be to collaborate with someone with a different address, name, and card number. That's doable, but why not just go up the cyber-street to another target? There are hundreds.

Expected Value in Poker Terms
What is the amount that we will ,vim? It turns out that there are several ways to quantify this, each useful for differ(;nt purposes. For now, let's think of the amount that we will win as the amount in the pot plus our bet (unlike the street game, our bet is included in the amount we would win because it goes into the pot).
We aren't finished yet, but this equation is dripping with fundamental knowledge. It tells us that higher chances of winning and bigger pots increase our expected value, while bigger bets and higher chances of losing decrease our expected value. That's common sense, really, but it is interesting to see it represented explicitly.
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